THE HORRIFIC crash that happened on the M5 on Tuesday must have been truly terrifying for everyone involved.

The incident highlights how lucky we are as a country be able to receive such a well-orchestrated and co-ordinated response from the emergency services.

With so many children on board the accident would have caused a huge mount of stress for their parents and carers, some of which were on board while others would have heard from their homes in West Bromwhich.

With passengers as young as 11 months on a upside down coach crashing on a carriageway with hundreds of fast vehicles passing by, it is a miracle there were so few injuries and no fatalities.

The incident provoked a mammoth effort from emergency services, with three helicopters and over a dozen vehicles sent to the scene.

Not only was the road quickly closed and traffic diverted and passengers rescued from the scene, but all the passengers were cared for, not just for injuries but their mental well-being as well as for the specific needs of children.

Those that did not need hospital were whisked away to a nearby bed and breakfast to be cared for and soon sent home.

In very few places in the world could you expect such a quick, efficient and proportionate response to a crisis such as this and it is all too common to see on international news of tragedies that have been exasperated by poor a response from emergency services.

The passengers and their families will be eternally grateful for leaving the coach alive and for the support they were given.