THE NEW youth centre for Dursley has finally been given a name.

After many debating sessions, members of the youth centre’s communication team have picked the name “Vibe” after ruling several nominations.

The modern name is thought to best represent the centre’s hopes and aspirations in the future, which will cater for people aged 11 to 19.

Various groups and individuals were encouraged to take part in the naming process and came up with a lengthy list of suggestions for the centre on Parsonage Street.

The list was narrowed down to three and then a vote was taken, with Vibe coming out top.

As well as the new name, some trendy-looking graphics have been made up by the young people to make sure he centre’s opening in a few months is seen by everyone in the area.

A spokeswoman for the youth centre said: “A small team of young people worked on the graphic identity for the centre, trying various colour schemes and fonts to go with the name.

“We wanted to create a design that was contemporary but future-proof, to keep up with the pace of Dursley's regeneration.

“We want Vibe to really stand out to people in the community and for it to be a welcoming place to visit.”

The centre, which is currently under construction is set for completion in the middle of September after £300,000 was spent to renovate the former minister’s home.

As part of the conversion, an access ramp will be created at the front of the building and new heating and electrical fittings will be installed.