THORNBURY Hospital is a valuable facility for many people living in and around the town and could be even more so if work that was initially proposed 10 years ago would ever get underway.

It’s understandable that the plans have had to be slightly scaled down as the NHS has left money to spend on such projects but for no progress to have been made since the hospital was described as ‘inefficient’ is ludicrous.

Whilst Yate now has a new health centre and Cossham Hospital has seen significant upgrade, Thornbury has been pushed further and further back in the queue.

As the NHS has started a big drive to reduce inefficiency surely an entire hospital described as inefficient would be high on the list to carry out improvements on.

But it seems that complications regarding the ownership of the land have effectively put the whole project on the back burner.

Thornbury Hospital is clearly well supported in the town where the facility has become a staple and something that has been used for generations.

The League of Friends which has operated at the hospital for more than 60 years, supporting both patients and staff as well as fundraising to help improve the facilities available at the hospital.

It’s strange that a project that has received so much support and has been campaigned for for several years and that has been given the support by everyone involved as not seen any movement for such a long period.

Hopefully at the upcoming meeting more details about the project will be provided and perhaps even a timetable of works to take place at the site.