A POLICE force is offering free courses to help drivers with their awareness while out on the roads.

Avon and Somerset Police are encouraging drivers to take part in their Road Smart driving awareness programme, with over 1,000 people signing up so far.

They are promoting the course as much as possible, and are keen to get more young drivers educated.

Facts around road safety reveal startling truths about responsibility behind the wheel. In just one year in Avon and Somerset, 452 people were killed or seriously injured on our roads. Around one third of these were young people aged 17 to 24.

The sessions will be made available in Keynsham, Bath, Filton, Weston-super-Mare, Taunton, Chipping Sodbury and Yeovilton.

They are two hours long and completely free of charge.

Superintendent Ian Smith said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from a free course that could be a life-saving opportunity.

“The training is delivered by the TTC group, a professional road safety education provider. The national course this is based upon is widely hailed as excellent and thought-provoking and really does influence driver behaviour.”

The sessions are available to all drivers in two categories, those aged 17 to 24, and those who are 25 and above. Dates can be viewed and places booked at www.roadsmart.org.