A NEW Green Party candidate has stepped up to the plate – launching her candidacy during a bike ride across the length of the country.

Penny Burgess, of Stroud District Council Green Party, announced that she would be standing for general election in the Cotswold constituency.

Comments from Mrs Burgess were made during a stop on her charity bike ride from Lands End to John O’Groats.

She said: “I'm so happy and proud to be chosen to represent the Green Party. I was born, went to school and have worked in the constituency for most of my life; it's the place I call home.

“The Green Party is different to the other political parties. It's not only about the environment; it's also about running this country for the common good, not just for the privileged few.”

Mrs Burgess began her cycling challenge on August 30 in aid of Crohn’s and Colitus UK and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

When stopping to announce her candidacy she also spoke about some of the issues closest to her heart.

She continued: “After decades of mismanagement, the share of wealth in Britain has never been more unequal, and it continues to get worse. Even though the majority of the population are against it, Fracking licences are still being sold.

“We have a crisis in housing that desperately needs to be solved, but not by developers for profit in unsuitable places. There's another, better way to run our country, where people are put before profits, where all citizens have an equal chance to secure housing and employment and where our environment is protected from damage.

“I'm looking forward to discussing the different approach of the Green Party with the people of the Cotswolds.”

To read more about Stroud District Green Party visit www.stroud.greenparty.org.uk.