A MYSTERY shed that appeared overnight in the middle of Slimbridge roundabout is to be removed by Gloucestershrie County Council.

The shed, which sits next to a county flag, has bewildered people since it was first spotted yesterday morning.

The shed has "Banksie's Shed" painted on one side and "Twinned with Scotland" on another. On the door it says "1 of 50 sheds". 

Area Highways Manager Jason Humm said: “We’re aware of the shed placed on the A38 roundabout, and whilst we appreciate it’s an interesting piece of artwork, it’s been put there without permission.

"We’re working with Stroud District Council to ensure it’s removed safely and that traffic disruption is kept to minimum.”

Though details about the shed are scarce, one reader told us it was not there at 1am this morning.

A mass of tongue-in-cheek theories have arisen from people in the area.

One such theory involving the famous graffiti artist Banksy was dismissed fairly speedily. As well as the name being spelled differently, the shed is somewhat lacking in the cutting political satire so common in his work.  

Another suggestion is that the construct will serve as US President Barrack Obama's lodgings for the duration of the Nato Summit. 

The Gazette would now like to ask our loyal readers for help. If you know anything about the origins of the mysterious Slimbridge shed please get in touch.

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