PLANS for a new KFC fast food restaurant in Yate have been met with a mixed reaction from residents and councillors.

The new drive-through KFC will be built on the site of a disused electricity substation, subject to approval from South Gloucestershire Council.

Applicant Demipower Ltd is behind the new restaurant, which will be located near the newly-opened Riverside Retail Park with access via Station Road.

While many residents are welcoming the prospect of a new fast food supplier, others are concerned that plans for the restaurant have not been properly thought out.

Councillor for Yate Central, Ruth Davis, said: “We are supportive of a new KFC restaurant, but I am concerned about the impact on traffic in the area.”

She believes the access route for the drive-through has not been planned well, and that a right-hand turn lane for the restaurant could cause “chaos” for drivers and nearby neighbours.

 “Station Road is a very busy road that is prone to congestion and the restaurant will be just a stone’s throw away from a roundabout and zebra crossing,” she said.

“The road can get gridlocked at the best of times and the access for the drive-through will not help the situation.”

And the Yate councillor is not alone with her concerns.

Anthony Nikou-Christou, who lives  next to the proposed restaurant, announced his opposition on the South Gloucestershire Council website’s planning portal.

He explained that the new KFC would result in an “immediate noise effect” on his property, with car engines running and orders being placed on a tannoy system, and that the restaurant would attract “more youths” into the centre of Yate. 

He added: “If the project is to go ahead we would be completely surrounded. 

“The disruption and massive effect this would have on our property and quality of living has not been considered at all.”

“Surely this land would be better used for car parking as there is already a massive shortage.”

Despite the objections to the plans, the prospect of a new KFC has been welcomed by many.

Yate resident Lee Willmott said: “The bottom line is, if we want to attract big high street names then we need popular stores such as KFC.
“Too many people object to modernisation.”

A spokesman for the applicant, Demipower Ltd, did not provide a comment when approached by the Gazette.

You can submit your comments on the plans on the South Gloucestershire Planning Portal.