AT their regular weekly meeting at The Prince of Wales Hotel, Berkeley Road, on Monday, March 6, 2017, Dursley Rotary Club presented cheques to no less than seven local charities.

It was announced that a further cheque had also been given to a project to build a school in The Gambia, which had been pioneered and organised by a couple who live in Cam.

Each was given an amount which totalled £500 for the year to date with a promise of further support as the Rotary Year ends.

President Graham Peake, who presented the cheques, welcomed representatives from each of the charities who later gave a brief summary of their work and progress and expressed their gratitude for the support of the Rotary Club and all of the people in the locality who had contributed in so many different ways to Rotary charity events and appeals throughout the year.

The meeting was also attended by many Friends of Rotary, who had played an important part in helping the club raise the funds and were there to see for themselves how the monies they had helped to raise would help the community.

Representatives from a range of charities spoke at the meeting including Rosa Barrett from Allsorts, Mark Pasco from Bournestream, Richard Bellis from the Willow Trust, Fiona Madden from Rednock Young Carers, Ray Pekala from Breakheart Quarry, Jo Crofts of Tumpy Green Riding for the Disabled and Ralph Darby of Dursley Community Centre.

Each of the seven addresses was well received by those present and the whole evening was enjoyed by everyone who was there.

All agreed that there is an often surprising amount of need in our own community, which Dursley Rotary and other Rotary Clubs locally are working hard to meet.

Upon closing the meeting, president Graham Peake expressed his thanks to Rotarians for raising the money to help local people in need and he gave special thanks to all of the Friends who attended the meeting.

Anyone interested in becoming a local Rotarian is welcome to attend a meeting at any time – just contact a member of the club.

The club also welcomes people to join the Friends of Rotary group, which consists of people who perhaps do not wish or are not currently able to become full members but would like to help serve the community alongside Rotarians whilst joining in with all the fun.