PRESIDENT Sue Grimstead welcomed members and speaker and we sang Jerusalem.

Our speaker Sandra Bateman gave a talk on the Brontë sisters.

She is a retired school teacher and a member of The Brontë Society.

Charlotte, Emily and Anne are very well known as novelists and poets. Their mother died when the children were still young and it was left to her sister Elizabeth to care for the children.

Their father Patrick made sure that the siblings had a very good education.

They were allowed to read a wide range of literature including Byron, which in the early 19th century was very progressive.

Sadly none of the siblings reached old age.

With the talk lasting an hour, this is just a taster of a most fascinating and interesting talk.

Sue thanked our speaker and said how she, for one, was inspired to visit Haworth Parsonage, the Brontës’ home from 1820 to 1861.

There was a break for refreshments which included bara brith and welsh cakes.

Sue resumed the meeting congratulating members who took part in the Frome Valley Group skittles match and, to the surprise of us all, won!

The plaque will be officially presented at the Spring Group Meeting on March 16 at the Vassall Centre.

Sue thanked Jenny for hosting the pancake party the day before. Carolyn won the pancake toss and was presented with the cup for the year.

Margaret our secretary read the minutes from the previous meeting which were approved and signed.

Jackie our treasurer gave the financial statement.

Angela our group rep gave the group news.

Our next meeting in April we will welcome the Nutty Knitters from the St Peters Hospice charity.