OUR final meeting in Slimbridge Village Hall on Thursday, March 9, before we move to Kingshill House, featured the Bards of Avalon, Bea and David, who chanted and sang us out, accompanied by the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls.

We could feel ourselves relaxing as the magical sound washed over us, and they told us stories of their travels to the Egyptian pyramids, believed to have been built in the configuration of the stars in Orion’s belt; to a secret wedding venue beside a lake in Norway; and to a special school in Sweden that they had helped to build.

Afterwards, when almost everyone had left and the chairs and tables had been tidied away, one of our talented dowsers, Steve, remained behind to clear the hall of our energies.

Everyone and everything leaves behind a remnants of themselves: it is not limited to magnetism and metals, as the dictionary describes.

If you dowse for it, your rods will give you a lively response.

It is quite marked in hospital beds and hotel rooms, which many dowsers like to “cleanse” before moving in.

Accordingly, Steve cleansed the hall, as we wished to leave it as we had found it.

Our next meeting, on Saturday, March 25 will be our first at Kingshill House, and Alex West and Scottie, a singing duo known as Dark Island, will be presenting “Songs and Shamanism: The Healing Power of Music”.

Doors open at 9.45am for coffee, tea, biscuits and socialising. Talk begins at 10.30am, all are welcome.

Visit www.slimbridgedowsers.org.uk or call 07513 437114 for more information.