OUR meeting this month was a fun one. The general business of the institute included agreement by members to change the raffle and increase the ticket price.

The president also explained the rules for the “Flower of the Month” competition as there had been some confusion.

Once this part of the meeting was concluded, we were invited by John Forss to join him for “A Night at the Races”.

The rules were quite simple, all bets were 20p per horse and the accumulated monies would be divided in descending percentage between the first three horses past the post.

Once everyone had chosen their horse and placed their bets with John’s lovely assistant (his granddaughter) who acted as Tote for the night; the first of the four races was off.

There was a lot of hilarity and some competitiveness creeping in too. Not to mention one or two Eliza Doolittle moments.

It was a really fun night with as many winners as losers, just as you would have at a real racecourse.

The vote of thanks was given by Joyce Bainbridge who, of course, was involved in the racing world for many years until her husband, Dick, retired as a trainer. Joyce was well equipped to cast an expert eye over the runners and riders.

Our latest next meeting was on Tuesday, March 14 at Rockhampton Village Hall when Nicola Eaton spoke about Handmade Luxury Chocolate with and there will be a taster session too. It will cost £3 for visitors and include supper.