PLANNING applications always seem to divide opinion, so we were not surprised to learn that residents in Yate both support and oppose proposals for a new KFC.

The benefits of another fast food restaurant in Yate are undeniable; it would boost local economy, create new jobs and provide even more dining options for residents and visitors to the area.

But if the cost of the development is increasing pressure on an already congested road, it begs the question: is it worth it?

Station Road is hellish at the best of times, let alone at rush hour – a time when hungry drivers might be tempted to grab a quick fast-food fix.

Looking at the plans online, the drive-through section of the KFC has provisions for about nine cars – but what happens when there are 10 or more cars in the queue?

Station Road surely cannot stand the pressure of a string of drive-through customers stacked up along the road?

As with all plans for new developments, it all comes down to sustainability. 

The prospect of a new KFC is great – as long as it doesn’t add even more traffic to an area already suffering from congestion problems.