A DATE has been set for a decision on a Dursley nightclub's application to stay open later and for extra days.

Capone’s wants to stay open an extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays, closing at 4.30am instead of 3.30am, and until 5am on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve instead of 3.30am. They also want to open on Sundays before bank holiday Mondays until 5am – days when they're currently not open at all.

Stroud District Council's licensing committee is set to make a decision on the application on Friday, May 12.

In August 2015, the club had its closing time reduced from 5am to 3.30am after concerns were raised that customers were responsible for antisocial behaviour in the town.

Owner Stavros Antonio Praki, pictured, said business had suffered since the reduction and the club needs to stay open longer to survive.

“We’ve run the club successfully since the change but it has hit us financially,” he said. “We are finding that people are not going out until later and so we are trying to adapt to that. Since the change in 2015 we have been applying regularly for temporary licence extensions for bigger days and we have seen no problem with this.

“For us to make it a sustainable business we need to be open longer.”