WITH only one day until the public head to the polls for the general election, the Gazette is profiling the four candidates standing in the Thornbury and Yate seat.

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Luke Hall - Conservatives

Age: 30

Lives in : Yate

CONSERVATIVE candidate Luke Hall is campaigning for re-election on June 8, having served as Thornbury and Yate MP since 2015.

He said: “As a local man, who lives in Yate and who grew up in South Gloucestershire, it has been the biggest honour of my life to represent our community in Parliament.

“I have strived to be an active and passionate local representative for our area, influencing the government on the issues that affect us locally.

“I have been able to make progress on the issues that matter to us, like securing £500,000 to finally kick start junction 18A onto the M4 after a 30 year delay, fighting to protect green spaces in Thornbury, Charfield and Coalpit Heath.

“This has twice ensured the Government rejected the idea of supporting a new 3,000 house ‘Garden Village’ at Buckover, sending a powerful message to the council and developers that these poorly made plans are not right for our area.

“I am pushing to see better local bus services and have now secured a full review of bus services in our area, like the 82 to Southmead Hospital, which will look at bringing the service back to Chipping Sodbury High Street.

“On top of this, I have helped secure money for local health services, like the redevelopment of Thornbury Hospital.

“Having a Conservative MP locally means we have influence here and in government, and are able to get the best deal for our community.”

Claire Young – Liberal Democrats

Age: 43

Lives in: Coalpit Heath

THE Lib Dems’ Claire Young is a South Gloucestershire councillor who believes she is best placed to address the issues faced by the people of Thornbury and Yate.

Ms Young, a former software engineer from Frampton Cotterell, said: “As a local councillor for over 10 years, I have campaigned, and won, with local people on issues from broadband to protecting green spaces, transport to health.”

Having worked closely with former Lib Dem MP Steve Webb, she said she knows what a difference a strong representative can make.

“With children at local schools I think it’s time we again have an MP who stands up for us in Westminster against education cuts,” she said. “Instead of one who has never voted against his party’s line.

“Committed NHS staff are overstretched and under-resourced. Our plans would deliver an extra £26million a year to hospitals, surgeries and care services here in South Gloucestershire.

“We need houses people can afford, along with the transport improvements to avoid gridlock, but I will always fight concreting over our countryside simply to line developers’ pockets.

“Having worked in small businesses, fighting for jobs will be a top priority for me as your MP, and making sure that the British people, not politicians, have the final say on any Brexit deal.

“I love this area and I want to be your MP so that we once again have a powerful and effective voice in Westminster, delivering for local people.”

Iain Hamilton – Green Party

Age: 47

Lives in: Thornbury

GREEN candidate Iain Hamilton is taking part in his second bid for the Thornbury and Yate seat, having previously stood for the party two years ago.

Originally from Paisley in Scotland, 47-year-old Mr Hamilton has lived in Thornbury since 2015 and is married with two children.

Having previously worked in the prison service, he now works in probation.

“I am very happy to have been selected again for this snap election,” he told the Gazette.

“When you cast your vote on June 8, or sooner if you use postal voting, ask yourself what kind of Government you want.

“I am standing because I do not feel that our current Government represent the ordinary people of this country.

“Big business and banks control our Government and tell them what they want done.”

He has said, if elected, he would focus on free education and balancing the books by making the wealthiest pay more.

“The big topic in 2015 was tax evasion and I said nothing would be done about it, and I was right, nothing has been done.

“This time around it is Brexit. I believe that Brexit is too big a topic for one party to decide.

“I would like to see the best people from all parties working on getting us the best deal - not just a deal that is good for the Conservatives and their donors.”

Iain’s message to constituents was: “I ask that on June 8, you vote with hope, and not with fear.”

Brian Mead - Labour

Age: 52

Lives in: Horfield

LABOUR candidate Brian Mead is standing in Thornbury and Yate to give residents a vote on investment into public services and against austerity.

Having lived in South Gloucestershire and North Bristol all his life, growing up in Henbury and attending Henbury School, Mr Mead lives in Filton, where he is politically active.

He said: “I have been a Filton town councillor for the past six years, currently serving as vice-chair of the finance committee.

“Currently I work in the security industry, having previously worked for several years on the railways where I held local, regional and national positions in the RMT union.”

Mr Mead is an active member of the UNITE union, and is local chairman of the Co-operative Party.

He said: “I am standing in this election to give people the opportunity to vote for Labour’s policies of public service investment and against austerity.

“In recent years I have suffered from heart problems and also from problems with my eyesight.

“I am eternally grateful for the service I have received in local hospitals. This makes me feel very strongly that the creeping privatisation of our NHS must be reversed.”

A speedway enthusiast, in his spare time Mr Mead is a strong supporter of the Bristol Bulldogs and serves as secretary of the Bristol Speedway Supporters Club.

“Only Labour can deliver investment in our public services. Vote on June 8 for a better fairer Britain with government for the many and not the few.”