FRUSTRATED villagers opposing proposals for 31 new homes in Tytherington have expressed their concerns that residents could miss the chance to have their say.

The plans put forward by Cotswold Homes, which outline the development of new homes on a field adjacent to Duck Street, were submitted just over a month ago, following a public consultation meeting in January.

But with no residents in the nearby area having received any warning that the application had been handed in, and only a notice having been attached to the gate of the site, a residents’ action group is now scrambling to let the rest of the village know so that everyone can have their say.

A group of residents have banded together in recent months to form Tytherington Action Group (TAG) after a further proposed development for 29 houses off Stowell Hill Road was announced.

While no planning application has been submitted, the 60 houses of the two developments combined total more than a third of the 170 homes already in the parish.

Highlighting the need for planning inspectors to assess each proposed development individually, TAG acting chairman Martin Brice said: “Proportionately, this increase in dwellings is as big an issue as it is in Chipping Sodbury or in Thornbury.

“You can’t look at these applications as single developments because the size of it is a noticeable problem and is bound to cause issues with our sustainability.

“The developers say that the others have nothing to do with them but they do as they are all going to be part. As far as we know, the next one is already on its way!”

Members of TAG met on Tuesday at The Swan in Tytherington to discuss the application, after concerns were raised that they had not been informed of an official cut-off date for public responses.

They agreed to begin circulating flyers to each home in the parish to make sure word was spread.

“Our main concern is that the village could not sustain any extra housing,” said Mr Brice.

“If we continue to grow like this, we will surely lose our village status to some degree, as an already busy village will become busier.

“We all have time to get our comments through but it would be good to work to the earliest date, just to be safe.”

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman confirmed that due to delays in publicising the application that the consultation process would be longer than the standard 21 days and that comments could be made by June 30, to allow for the maximum number of people to be aware of and take part in the process if they wish, officers will always work to the longest date to receive feedback.

Rebecca Longworth, chairman of Tytherington Parish Council, said: “The council looks to support all of the residents in all aspects of the planning application process. 

“The Parish Council will make every effort to ensure the views of the residents are made known to SGC in a cohesive and structured way.  We also share concerns that the current infrastructure locally and surrounding is inadequate.

“We also share via our PC website and social media any documentation we receive, plus we welcome queries via all the usual channels.  With respect to the two proposed developments (Resolve Groups and Cotswold Homes) we are fully aware that any decisions will have a significant impact on the immediate and long term future of the village and surrounding areas.

Ms Longworth asked for residents interested in discussing the application to attend their next meeting on Monday, June 26, where time has been set aside for public participation on the issue.

A spokesman for Cotswold Homes said that they had submitted the application for the “sensitively designed scheme” following their local consultation and exhibition, which “pays particular care and attention to neighbouring properties, as well as retaining the existing hedgerow network and significant trees surrounding the site.”

“We have worked hard to ensure that our proposals remain in keeping with the Tytherington area, whilst also providing much needed, high quality local housing, affordable homes, and contributions to improving local infrastructure.

 “We are extremely grateful for the feedback we have received to date, much of which helped us to refine our plans before we submitted our application to South Gloucestershire Council.”

For more information on the action group, visit, call 07803 124354 or email