A NEW children’s author from Thornbury has released her first ever book, encouraging children to interact with the reader and talk about their day.

“Today I…”, written by Carol Bush and illustrated by Amber Rose, is a book that aims to improve young children’s communication skills, both in reading and conversation, going through each day of the week to give them a chance to talk about what they have done.

Carol, a teaching assistant at Christ the King Primary School in Thornbury and specialist teaching assistant for sensory impaired children, devised the book as a labour of love.

She said: “Having worked with children for nearly 30 years, writing a book that could help them develop has always been something I wanted to do.

“I wanted to make something that could help parents connect with their children, while also working as a good teaching aide.

“It has been a huge learning curve, but we have really enjoyed producing the book.”

Unveiling the book, which the pair have self-published, Carol gave a special preview reading to the teddy tots class at Rainbow Teddies Pre-School in Thornbury, using a series of props to further the experience.

Nanda Lee from Rainbow Teddies said that the children “thoroughly enjoyed the reading”.

“It was a very worthwhile experience for the whole class,” she said. “They really enjoyed the book and the lovely illustrations.

“They were all really keep to join in and there was a big discussion about what everyone was doing, with no one feeling left out.”

She added: “We have already told Carol that we would definitely have her back if she writes another book.”

Copies of “Today I…” are not yet available in shops, but can be bought online by emailing rosebushbooks@outlook.com or visiting www.rosebushbooks.wixsite.come/todayi