POLICE have arrested three men after a car was stolen in South Gloucestershire last week.

A BMW parked at a house in Oakdale Road, Downend, was targeted by thieves at some time overnight between Monday, June 12 and Tuesday, June 13.

They got into the house and took car keys in order to steal the vehicle.

Officers investigating the theft later found BMW car parts at an address in Kingswood and arrested three men from Bristol.

The three, aged 24, 31 and 38, were all later released from police custody under investigation.

Anyone with any information that could help the investigation is asked to get in touch online, or by calling 101, quoting reference 5217132352.

Neighbourhood Inspector Clive Summerill is now urging residents to take care with their car keys.

He said: “So-called car key burglars use a number of tactics, from ‘fishing’ through letterboxes to take keys to breaking in.

“We’re concerned that people with ‘paddle and stub’-type door handles may be inadvertently leaving their homes less secure.

“Lifting these handles does appear to lock the door – but they can still be opened by criminals. Please remember: always turn the key, take it out of the lock and put it out of sight.”

Home security tips include:

  • keeping your car in a secure garage which is fitted with an alarm, if you can
  • never leaving your keys in the back of the door, or in view from a window or letterbox. Put them safely out of sight
  • fitting a letterbox cage
  • locking up and setting the alarm, if you have one, at night as well as when you go out
  • making sure your door is locked by turning the key
  • hiding your handbag or wallet and other portable valuables safely out of sight
  • keeping tools locked up in a secure shed or garage
  • making sure garden furniture and wheelie bins can’t be moved to gain access to upstairs windows