THORNBURY is one of those towns where sometimes the impossible can happen, but with only weeks to First Step Pre-school’s deadline to finish their new building, time is running out.

It seems almost a foregone conclusion that the group will not be able to raise the £125,000 they need in order to finish the work in the next seven weeks, but maybe that is what makes their quest so admirable - that when faced with insurmountable odds, they are pushing on.

In the past year, we have seen some incredible pushes for fundraising, with Ezzy’s Wish to Walk having almost reached its £80,000 target, and the incredible campaign to bring Lewis Evans home raising £50,000 in less than a week.

But while such sparkling examples of community spirit demonstrate just how willing Thornbury is to support a good cause, the pre-school’s target comes to almost the same as those two campaigns combined.

Each case is different and one size does not fit all, and as such, only time will tell as to whether First Step will be able to reach its target in time.