ROADS in Frampton on Severn and between Kingswood and Hillesley are two of more than two dozen in the county set to receive a surface treatment to extend its life.

As part of a £1.335million project by Gloucestershire County Council, 81km of roads will be ‘surface-dressed’ – a method of sealing the road surface to protect it from water and air.

From Wednesday until July 30, the council’s highways workers will be making the improvement, which also improves grip, to 25 of the county’s roads.

Amongst them is the road between Kingswood and Hillesley and a stretch between Frampton Green and Splatt Bridge in Frampton-on-Severn which will be worked on Tuesday, July 25.

Surface dressing is used on roads which are heading towards the end of their lives but still have not deteriorated to the point at which they begin to fail.

Cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways at the council, said: “Surface dressing seals the road surface with bitumen and chippings.

“It’s a great way of preventing potholes from appearing and we expect this work to save local taxpayers in future road repairs.”

Roads will be closed while the work takes place and the planned work days may have to be changed as the work can only take place in dry conditions.