AT the meeting on Tuesday, July members were reminded that annual subs are now due.

Members agreed that talks could be arranged with Dursley Men’s Probus Club with a view to amalgamating the men’s and ladies clubs.

Members were asked if they were interested in a trip to Rodmarten on September 13.

The speaker at the meeting was Brian Lamerton.

He gave an illustrated talk about his trip to Antarctica.

Brian stressed how remote the area is for example the nearest hospital is 1000 miles away.

Brian and his wife went on a ship with 198 passengers.

As only 100 people are allowed ashore at any one time.

This meant they could arrange to land in two separate groups.

The trip could be summarised in 3 words, water,wildlife and weather.

The sea voyage began on the southern trip of S America and went on to Falkland Islands, S Georgia, Elephant Island, Deception Island. Hooverville Island and touched on the mainland before returning to S America.

Among the wildlife seen were many species of penguins, fur seals, elephant seals and also whales when out at sea.

Also many sea birds such as petrels and albatross were seen.

Albatross are endangered and many are killed because of long line fishing. Brian donates fees from his talks to the fund to save the albatross.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 1 at 2pm at the Community Centre when Margaret Daniels will be speaking on Prose and Poetry.

Any queries to Barbara Davis on 01453 890679.