TEACHERS and pupils at a primary school in Cam have welcomed the official opening of a new outdoor classroom.

The new classroom at Cam Everlands Primary School, called The Snug by seven-year-old Verity Hosken after a competition between pupils, was officially opened this week.

Many of the school’s pupils live in flats and do not have a garden or are able to spend much time outside, this new structure aims to provide a valuable environment for the children to develop and learn.

The school also runs a gardening club where pupils – who are aged five to 11 – grow flowers and vegetables.

One of the school’s parents and volunteers, Tracy Chapman, said staff at the school had worked very hard to organise fundraising events which made the project possible.

“Cam Everlands is a wonderful school, our head teacher and teaching staff put so much effort into finding many different ways to make learning an enjoyable experience,” she said.

“Our school association also work very hard to organise fundraising events throughout the year to provide extracurricular activities for our pupils and funding support to the school.

“There are often more improvement needs than there are funds available, but with the support from Mears by donation of skilled labour and materials our school are now the very proud owners of a fantastic new quiet area and outdoor class room, which can be enjoyed by our pupils, teachers and parents for many years to come.”

The Mears Foundation, a Brockworth-based charity for vulnerable or disadvantaged people, was approached for help raising the much needed funds.

It donated £250 towards the project and to help pay for extra materials, while building supplies company Travis Perkins offered £300 worth of materials for the scheme.

Julia Mallen, Mears customer and community manager, said it aimed to help people thrive.

"At Mears, we aim to deliver lasting and meaningful outcomes, to enable individuals and our communities to flourish and thrive,” she said.

“This project fit in perfectly with our aim to making a positive difference for the younger generation and the local community in Stroud."