CAMPAIGNERS are calling for permanent traffic lights at the A46/B4465 junction near Tormarton. 

Temporary lights have been installed there while the B4465 is being used as a diversion route for the Bromley Heath viaduct works, but they will be removed when the works are complete. 

Now Claire Young, Liberal Democrat councillor for Westerleigh, is spearheading a campaign to have the lights installed on a permanent basis.

Cllr Young said: “A number of residents have told me they feel these lights have made the junction safer and in some cases have also reduced their journey time. They would like to see permanent traffic lights there.”

But Chipping Sodbury commuter, Nathan Fionda has raised concerns over the safety of the temporary lights. 

He said: “What I have found from my commute is that, due to the temporary lights, the morning traffic now backs up to Old Sodbury and in the evening traffic blocks the Junction 18 roundabout, as they cannot move on. Also, I have seen a number of near accidents as drivers try and duck and weave the traffic to get on to the M4 or A46.”

“There are already traffic lights on the A46 at Junction 18, so I would consider all the additional works Cllr Young is proposing are a waste of money and counter intuitive to the natural traffic flow of the A46.” 

In contrast, Rob Cole, who lives in Westerleigh, said: “I have found the lights have eased the difficulty of using the junction quite considerably.

“Turning right onto the A46 from the B4465 is much easier, and because traffic now flows, so is turning left onto the A46.”

Cllr Young said: “Given how close it is to the motorway junction, South Gloucestershire Council would need to work with Highways England to sort out any issues. We’re calling on the council to do that and find the funding to make this busy junction safer. 

“If you agree, please sign our petition at” 

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “The traffic lights at the junction of the B4465 and the A46 near Tormarton are a temporary measure in place to help traffic flow while essential maintenance and improvement work is carried out to the Bromley Heath Viaduct. The lighting equipment in place is not suitable to be left in position permanently and will be removed on completion of the viaduct work.

“We are aware of public support to have a permanent set of lights installed at this location and we will be adding the request to the Local Transport Priority List.”