CHANGES are set to be made to two key roads in Dursley as part of the ongoing £150 million Littlecombe development.

The junction at Long Street, Drake Lane and Chestal will be altered to improve the access to the Littlecombe development.

As part of these changes Long Street, which merges into Drake Lane, will be redirected through a grassy area near Lister Shearing and a small private road will be added to the connect the highway to Chestal.

Area from this town green has long been listed in the Littlecombe plans as an area which may need to be changed to cope with the larger influxes of traffic.

Gazette Series:

Above - The current road layout (left) and the proposed changes, designed by Amey.

The Gloucestershire County Council highways department are currently reviewing the proposals but it would be Stroud District Council which approves plans.

Dursley Town Council has concerns over the new private road.

“The council's main concern is a small section of road marked private on the plan,” a spokesman said.

“We are concerned about who will maintain this section of road and it looks too narrow for vehicles to use the proposed parking bays which would take access.

“I assume this will be queried by GCC before the plans receive technical approval.”

The geometry of the new road changes have been published, but the road markings and junction priorities have not yet been approved by Stroud District Council.

Original plans for this junction were discussed and approved in principle as part of the original Littlecombe development.