MORE than one hundred people have signed a tree charter at Cam Parish Council standing up for the country's woods.

Led by the Woodland Trust, the Charter for Trees, Woods and People sets out how people and trees benefit each other and will guide policy and practice in tree protection in the UK.

It was launched last month to mark the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest which reestablished the right for 'free men' to access to forests, heathland and farmland which had been restricted by William the Conqueror and his heirs.

Information sheets on the new charter were displayed in the foyer of Cam Parish Council's office and people were asked to sign to show their support.

For every signature received the Woodland Trust pledged to plant a tree somewhere in the UK.

Encouraged by the number of signatures collected and interest in the scheme from parishioners, Cam Parish Council applied for an oak tree from the Woodland Trust which will be planted in the parish next spring.

Tina Bouttle, chairman of the council's recreation and leisure committee who supported the initiative, said she was delighted with the response the charter received.

“We collected a total of 102 signatures," she said. "People were genuinely concerned about the future of our trees and woodlands. We are now considering where our oak sapling should best be planted.”