SNOW and ice is not deterring people from venturing out doors today, however warnings are still in place to only make journeys if they are absolutely necessary.

A night a sub-zero temperatures has seen snow turn to ice causing more difficult conditions on the roads.

It is the pavements, however, that are posing the biggest problem today as walkers slip and slide their way around.

In Dursley main roads are reasonably clear, but paths are very slippery. Long Street is still very icy and the long stay car park behind the Gazette offices is deserted as motorists decide to avoid the steep slope in and out of the area.

A spokeswoman for Dursley Town Council said: "The main roads around the town are ok with care, the paths are much worse, people are walking gingerly around. We have also received reports that it is very icy around Boots in the high street so take care around there."

In Wotton main roads were gritted last night, however side streets are still dangerous and the council is concerned that some paths have been made more dangerous by children on toboggans.

Glenys Sykes, clerk of Wotton Town Council, said: "Whilst it is great to watch the children having fun tobogganing in the snow, some are doing it in residential areas, which polishes the surface making it very dangerous for people. We would like to urge them to go off road instead."

Gloucestershire County Council has again been out over night gritting all major routes. Around 70 locally based farmers with tractor mounted ploughs are providing assistance to the authority to help open up more rural routes.

A spokesman for the county council said: "We've had the heaviest snowfall for years over the past two days.

"The situation is improving but it will be very cold with widespread icy patches forming on roads.

"We are expecting low temperatures for the next few days at least, with no sign of a thaw. Please take extra care on the roads which will be icy.

"We are gritting and salting but the salt is less effective at very low temperatures so don't travel unless it's absolutely essential."