Tytherington Horse Show and Gymkhana

RESULTS from Tytherington Horse Show and Gymkhana, August 28, 2010

Showing Classes:- Class 1 Sponsored by The Conservatory and Window Company Ltd Child Handler 14 years and under 1. Gizzy Chelsea Gowen 2. Smarty Daisy Ward 3. Play To Jake Reynolds Class 2 Sponsored by Milbury Heath Garden Supplies Mountain and Moorland In-hand small breeds 1. Mardonway Diamon Geezer Claire Gowen 2. Castelau Promise Amanda Shackleton 3. Senny Kali Michelle Cook Class 3 Sponsored by A G Sansum and Sons Ltd Mountain and Moorland In-hand large breeds 1. Della Delight Abigail Pearce 2. Happa Otto Linda Crabtree 3. Mr Jack Carly Hinton Class 4 Sponsored by W N Newman Ltd Veteran Horse/Pony In-hand 1. Dundee Kerry McCleod 2. Meadowood Talisin Michelle Cook 3. Mustard Man Jean Spratt Class 5 Sponsored by Papilon du Bois Ltd Coloured In-hand 1. Matcho Sharon Edgeworth 2. Cookie Kelsie Savage 3. Ben Andy Tuck Class 6a Sponsored FITS Ltd Veteran Horse/Pony. Ridden Over 20 1. Starlight Mary Evans Overall Champion 2. Oliver Twist Sally Thorne 3. Mustard Man Jean Spratt 6b 19 years and under 1. Roscoe Leanne Webber 2. Foxfarm No Doubt Chloe Ponting 3. Sonic Lizzie Fliny Class 7 Sponsored by The Swan at Tytherington Best Novice Combination 1. Sparks Alive Carole Baker 2. Frank Ella Whelan 3. Clearwater Sunbee Hannah Sullivan Class 8 Sponsored By Cromhall Refinishing Ltd Mountain and Moorland Small breeds ridden 1. Thistledown Vanilla Pod James Fallon 2. Chelsea Chelsea Gowen 3. Sunwillow Greta Grace Clarke Class 9 Sponsored by Willesley Equine Clinic Mountain and Moorland Large breeds ridden 1. Della Delight Abigail Pearce 2. Rushmoor Maybe Kellie Tuck 3. Llanveynoe Silk Maureen Lewis Class 10 Sponsored by Johnson Commercials Novice Working Hunter 1. Lace Chloe Ponting 2. Aberarth Gold Sovereign Jennifer Guilding 3. Bookies Dreamer Elizabeth Sprackman Class 11 Sponsored by Admiral Harding Ltd Working Hunter Pony 1. Erfam Jacob Suzie Guilding 2. James Bond Chloe Ponting 3. Chico Ellie Baimbridge Class 12 Sponsored by Richard Erridge and Co. Solicitors Working Hunter Horse 1. Dolly George Noad 2. Bascy Lucy Hicks 3. Gypsey Queen Jessica Nutbeen Class 13 Sponsored by Pete Ponting Builders Most suitable child’s pony 1. Master Benjamin Lydia Tucker 2. Robbie Maddie Whelan 3. Champ Abigail Philips Class 14 Sponsored by Bob Lawrence Builders Riding club horse/pony 1. James Bond Chloe Ponting 2. Master Benjamin Lydia Tucker 3. Mustard Man Jean Spratt Class 15 Sponsored by The Gazette Coloured ridden 1. Domino Sally Cullen 2. Monty Dots Fiona Ryrie 3. Rosie Rowena Wood Class 16 Sponsored by Milburys Estate Agents Cob Class ridden 1. Domino Sally Cullen 2. Mccoy Chris Clark 3. Chesterton Jean Spratt SHOW JUMPING Class 17 Sponsored by Filthy Beasts 2’3" Mini Novice 1. Diamond Evie Cookson 2. Chico Ellie Baimbridge 3. Golden Melody Olivia Read Class 18 Sponsored by Thornbury Osteopathy Clinic 2’6" Novice 1. Fletcher Issy Boulton 2. Jimmy Vicky Vizard 3. May Lucy Stewart Class 19 Sponsored by M J and D A Brock Haulage 1’6" Horse and Hound 1. Sonic and Murphy Lizzy Flint 2. Golden Melody And Honey Olivia Read 3. Pilot and Des Megan Allen Class 20 Sponsored by Patrick Pinker Saddlery 2’9" Restricted 1. Pilley Hill Jazz Evie Cookson 2. Dolphin Song Lowrie Allen 3. Tyddyn Tyhew Llewelyn Becky Mogridge Class 21 Sponsored by Castle Quarry 3’ Open 1. Answan Hope Ruth Bennett 2. Major Issue Carys Allen 3. Pilley Hill Jazz Evie Cookson DRESSAGE Class 22 Sponsored by Sullivans Garden Machinery Prelim 4 1. Millenium Surprise Ann Marshall 2. Speckles Sue Taylor 3. Night Nurse Hayley Blackman Class 23 Sponsored by Thornbury Garden Shop Novice 34 1. Sonic Lizzy Flint 2. Night Nurse Hayley Blackman 3. Demokrat Kelly Mills Class 24 Sponsored by Tytherington Road Nursery Intro A 1. Sparks Alive Carole Baker 2.Willow Sharon Webber 3. Lukas Emma Bratton Class 25 Sponsored by Countrywide Mobility Services Ltd Prelim 14 1. Demokrat Kelly Mills 2. Dolly George Noad 3. Oggie Linda Phelps GYMKHANA Sponsored by Admiral Harding Ltd Group A 1. Sam Dyer; Group B 1. Daisy Ward; Group C 1. Lucy Challis