DEVELOPERS have revealed plans to build houses on an area of land in Yate close to the site where 3,000 proposed new homes have sparked a bitter dispute.

David Wilson Homes wants to build an unspecified number of homes on a hectare of industrial land, off Randolph Avenue, at the southern end of Brimsham Park.

Although the number of houses has not been revealed to the public yet, the Gazette understands it to be in the region of 30 or 40 new dwellings.

The site was previously home to industrial minerals group Minelco and although the land is not identified for any particular use in South Gloucestershire Council’s Local Plan, the authority is proposing it is safeguarded for employment use.

However, David Wilson Homes is drawing up a concept statement for housing and has announced a public consultation event later this month.

Mark Crosby, spokesman for Consensus Consultation on behalf of David Wilson Homes, said: "David Wilson Homes has approached the council with a view to redeveloping the land for residential use. South Gloucestershire Council has suggested that the company carries out consultation on a concept statement‚ in order to explore alternative options for the site such as residential development.

"As part of the pre-application process, a planning exhibition will be held at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex on Monday, November 21 (2.30-7.30pm) in order that the local community can comment on David Wilson Home's emerging proposals for the site."

But town councillor Chris Willmore labelled the proposal ‘ad hoc’ and said the town council was completely opposed to it.

"It is such an important site," she said. "It is the point at which Brimsham Park joins existing residential development to the south and there are far better ways to use the land to link and support both communities than just shoving up more houses there.

"We are completely opposed to the current plans, they are premature, and merely dump yet more houses on our town, which does not need them."

She said the area was a ‘gateway’ to existing houses and should be considered in conjunction with Heron Homes’ plans to build 3,000 houses, primary schools and a new community centre at Peg Hill, to the north of Brimsham Park.

Added Cllr Willmore: "Just because it is controlled by someone other than Heron does not mean it should be developed in isolation."