DURSLEY Primary School has been told it is making good progress - six months after being given notice to improve.

The school was subject to a one-day inspection in May by Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Schools (HMI) following a damning report at the end of last year from Ofsted.

Paul Daniels, head teacher, said staff were delighted with the recent report.

He said: "It’s good for the staff, knowing how hard they have worked to get the recognition is great."

Last December Ofsted told Dursley Primary School it needed to raise attainment, and improve the level of teaching and the effectiveness of its leadership.

However, six months later Jane Neech, from the HMI, said the school is making good progress.

In a letter to Mr Daniels she said: "Having considered all the evidence I am of the opinion that at this time the school is making good progress in addressing the issues for improvement and in raising the pupils’ achievement."

Ms Neech said pupil attainment, arrangements for tracking pupil progress and the quality of teaching had all improved.

She said: "Pupils now have more ownership of how well they are doing and are keen to mark their progress against different skills achieved.

"As a result, pupils, particularly older pupils, know their targets and what they need to do to move to the next National Curriculum level."

Ms Neech also praised the ‘rigorous drive and ambition’ of the new leadership, and the interim governing body.

Mr Daniels said the school still had several areas to improve but was encouraged by its recent report.

He said: "Staff have really engaged and so has the whole school community which is why we have been told we’ve made good progress in just six months."

Dursley Primary School will be inspected again by Ofsted at the end of the year when it hopes to be taken out of ‘notice to improve’.