BRIMSHAM Green School in Yate has bucked the national trend with improved A-level results and a pass rate of 98 per cent.

A further 45 per cent of pupils achieved grades of B or higher and out of 200 entries, around 60 A or A*s were awarded.

With an A* in maths, As in chemistry and history and a B in physics, Matthew Boyes was one of the highest achieving pupils.

The 18-year-old, who will start a degree in chemistry at Manchester University in the autumn, said: "I needed two As and a B so I am really pleased.

"I know I want to go on and do a PhD but other than that I donÕt know what I want to do."

Tahmidul Islam, 18, said he had felt under pressure before opening his results envelope.

"I could feel my blood pressure was really high because I was so nervous," he said. "It has been a lot of hard work over the last two years so it is a big relief."

Tahmidul need not have worried, with three As in maths, physics and biology and a B in chemistry, he has secured a place at the University of Bristol to study electronic and electrical engineering.

Head teacher Alun Williams said he was thrilled with the results, his last before leaving Brimsham Green School to take up a headship in Somerset.

"What has really pleased me is that despite the national message that results would be down this year, ours are up," he said.

"We have bucked the national trend which is great and I am really delighted for the students who have worked so hard."