ULEY Primary School has received a "good" rating in its latest Ofsted report as a new acting headteacher takes over.

David Warren, who previously worked as headteacher for Swindon LA, has taken over the role temporarily after Karl Joyce moved to St MaryÕs Primary in Thornbury.

The school, which has 101 pupils, was marked in terms of achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, leadership and management and the behaviour and safety of pupils.

Across all the categories the school was marked as two, meaning "good", with a one being the highest "outstanding" mark and four meaning "inadequate".

Improvements noted by the inspector John Eadie included that pupilsÕ attainment in writing had now caught up with that in reading.

The report also remarked that pupils found lessons were rarely disrupted by inappropriate behaviour and when they were it would be short-lived and dealt with well.

However the inspection recommended that while the quality of teaching was good, a few inconsistencies remained and sometimes activities may not be challenging enough.

Mr Warren said he was pleased with the results.

"We are very proud of the report and will continue to work to ensure that these high standards are maintained and developed," he said.

"We are always looking to improve things and work on different areas."

The two-day inspection of the voluntary school started on June 2 and the inspector visited 16 lessons, observing four teachers, publishing their findings on September 4.

In total, he spent 70 per cent of his time observing teaching and learning as well as listening to some younger pupils reading.