A COUPLE from Engine Common whose house has been damaged countless times by passing cars have joined a campaign calling for improved road signs and traffic calming measures. Charles and Ann Whittle have replaced gates, fences and posts outside their home in North Road numerous times after motorists misjudged the tight bend they live on. But at 6.30am on Monday, they had an unexpected visitor as one driver missed the corner completely and his car careered off the road into the side of the Whittle’s home of 25 years. Mrs Whittle, 55, told the Gazette: "My husband felt it rock the house. It shook him awake and when we went to look in the spare bedroom we found the front of a red car poking through. "It came through the wall and hit a wardrobe and there is a crack in the side of the house going right up to our roof. We were just lucky nobody was sleeping in there as my son’s girlfriend sometimes stays in there." Mr Whittle, 54, who works for GKN Aerospace, and his wife, a registered nurse, helped the driver who was suffering from shock until paramedics arrived. The driver, who had just finished a night shift, was not seriously injured in the crash. But the Whittles do not blame the motorist for the damage caused to their home. "There is very little evidence there is a bend on this road," said Mrs Whittle. "We really need more road signs or even something on our house and some sort of traffic management system, such as a chicane. "We do not blame the driver and all in all this accident points to the fact that the road management is not very good." The couple’s neighbour, 80-year-old Tony Stenner, described North Road as ‘terrible’. Said Mr Stenner, who has lived in the area for 30 years: "The only thing to stop these accidents is to put humps in the middle of the road. "Something needs to be done to slow the traffic down. It is terrible." Cllr Howard Gawler (Lib Dem, Ladden Brook) is supporting calls for South Gloucestershire Council to investigate safety measures on North Road. He said: "This is about the tenth accident on that corner and over the years there have been several near misses. "The only thing I think would help is to put some chevrons up on the side of the road." A spokeswoman for South Gloucestershire Council said: "The existing signage and carriageway markings on the bend are being checked and any modifications that are needed will be implemented as a priority."