UNISEX toilets are being trialled at a Dursley school after the idea was put forward by its student council.

After meeting with members of the council, Rednock School chiefs agreed to introduce unisex toilets for a trial period.

From the start of the latest school year, one of the five toilet blocks in the school has been converted into a unisex facility, giving students a choice of whether they wish to use gender-specific facilities or shared ones.

In a statement, the school said: "The school regularly meets with the students and their representatives the student council – a body which has students who have been voted for by their peers. 

"We believe that schools should be a partnership and discussing important issues with students is part of our commitment to that ethos.

"Last year there was much discussion about equality. Part of that was around the toilets. 

"We have separate cubicles for both genders. This was important to us and the students when we designed the new build. 

"However, students wanted to trial unisex toilets where there are six cubicles in a row. 

"We have considered this and agreed to trial it for one term and then evaluate it. 

"Therefore out of the 5 sets of toilets within school, one set of 6 cubicles will become unisex toilets giving students the option to use either single sex or unisex toilets within school.

"Many schools already have this provision and we wanted to see if it would be successful."