A PAIR of entrepreneurial children from Cam have been making money for charity by selling their own homemade bracelets.

Tegan Munns, 11, and her eight-year-old brother Perys, spent many hours creating the colourful jewellery for a Macmillan Cancer Coffee morning last Friday.

From a stock of over 40 bracelets the duo sold almost all of them, making more than £65 in the process.

Mother of the two, Bev, said that the idea was all their own.

"I just went out and bought them some things they asked for and they got right down to it," she said. "I’m so pleased with how well they’ve done."

The children, who both go to Cam Hopton Primary School, were happy with their efforts and say they will think of other creative methods to raise more money in the future.

"A few of our friends and neighbours have had cancer so we wanted to do our bit to help. I’m very pleased with the amount we made," said Tegan.

Perys added: "My sister thought of the idea but I was happy to help, I’m glad with how much money we made."

Hosting the coffee morning at her home in Old Brookend in Berkeley, Beverly Cann was grateful for their contribution.

"I thought it was magnificent what they did," she said.

"They worked hard to raise the money, It was a fantastic effort."

The morning appears to be a great success with early estimates of a raffle, cakes, stalls and other donations bringing in about £500.