Reading the Gazette front page last week was like déjà vu. During 2000-2003 Councillor Margaret Nolder (SDC and Glos' County) as Labour Leader of SDC tried to circumvent the Gloucester County strategic plan by placing 300 houses in Cam when the county had expressly set three levels of development - major conurbations i.e. Gloucester, Cheltenham - minor towns i.e. Stroud - and last option villages i.e. Cam.

With the aid of an objection by Gloucester County Council against Stroud District Council the rate payers of Cam mounted a campaign to overthrow this inept judgement with the second highest number of objections (450) in the county. Stroud District planning officers distanced themselves publically in the Gazette from the disgraceful, political and undemocratic manoeuvring being carried out by the SDC Labour party.

A strategic planning review for Gloucestershire was carried out by a UK Government Planning Inspector resulting in Cam housing being removed from plan, while Hunts Grove complied with all the government planning guidance under Town & Country planning law. This review was conducted by one of the country's most competent inspectors.

It is not enough for SDC Labour party ignoring Town and Country planning legislation now we have the Labour Party MP David Drew trying to overthrow the democratic process which cost the rate and taxpayer money and a great deal of local peoples time raising the documentation necessary to represent themselves in the process.

Where exactly are you going David, apart from going around in circles? Gordon Brown set his course on listening to the people to gain their trust. By your actions you are achieving the exact opposite. Who have you consulted in Cam apart from Parmjit Dhanda MP?

As for you always opposing Hunts Grove? I did not see you at the inspector's enquiry when I was representing the people of Cam with the Cam Against Ruining the Environment (CARE) group.

The Planning laws are in place, the people made representations, the Inspector made his judgement and everyone accepted the outcome. Four years after the decision you want to overthrow the democratic legal process?

Come on David Drew MP what sort of people's representative are you and what sort of political pressure will the new inspector be under to make a complete reversal of the legal process to suit Parmjit Dhanda and you?

Graham Wiltshire CEnv.

Draycott, Cam.