AROUND midnight on Friday, January 10, in Wotton, I watched in horror as a group of five teenaged hooligans, clearly high as kites on drink or drugs, screaming and shouting, proceeded to kick a telephone box, with every intent of destroying it. They then jumped on and kicked in parked cars, howling with laughter as they did it. They then proceeded to pull down fencing by the former factory site before they went home through Court Orchard.

The police were marvellous in their response and were on the scene within less than ten minutes, although whether they caught them or not, I don't know. Let's hope so.

What grieves me is that on top of the fact that these animals think that they have the right to damage property, which others have worked hard to achieve, is that we are now a society that hides behind its curtains, not daring to peek out in case of retribution.

I would beg anyone who sees pathetic yobs in action to call the police immediately with a good description. The police take every call seriously and certainly in this case responded with amazing speed. And to the parents of children who behave like thugs - can't you do anything? Do you even care? And to the five in question - do you really think that not being able to hold your drink is so impressive? Is it perhaps time to grow up and stop acting like children?

It's no good the rest of us moaning about vandalism and yobbish behaviour if we don't get off our own behinds to try and sort out the problem.

Name and address supplied.