This election is increasingly reminding me of the Monty Python sketch "Confuse a Cat". Live debates between main party leaders and daily coverage across the media, are confusing the electorate and threatening to split the vote, leaving the nation rudderless. Yet, in this glut of political "information" and opinion, the most important issue for this country is hardly ever mentioned: our membership of the EU.

Over 80% of our laws come from the EU and where our own laws conflict, EU law takes precedence. All aspects of our lives are almost totally governed by Brussels and the situation will only get worse. Blair and Brown, by enthusiastically endorsing tens of thousands of these laws, have disempowered the British people even to the extent of limiting freedom of speech, a positively Orwellian tactic that effectively forbids any opposition. For this privilege, we’re being charged £45 million a day!

A useful website, which gives the facts about the EU rather than the spin, is The page headed "Picture an Independent Britain" not only clearly refutes all the arguments against our leaving, but, having been published in 1997, also reveals the extent of the damage done to this country by Labour over the past 13 years. Yet Steve Parker, our UKIP candidate says we should vote for David Drew. Sadly, though David may be strongly anti-EU, this will just give Brown another seat.

Only one party leader has given us hope of an EU Referendum and that is David Cameron. I suggest we give him a massive vote and then hold his feet to the fire to make him deliver on that promise. Let’s get out, and put the Great back in Britain!

Janet Dedman