I cannot understand why John Fowles did not suggest the youth club applyfor a grant fromStroud District Council. As I understand its grants are available but need to be applied for by the end of October to be allocated for the following year.

Grants are not automatically given but I am reliably informed that SDC look for opportunities to support Youth Clubs and the like for obvious reasons. I note that Cllr Fowles wrote to the SDC in November presumablytoo late for any consideration to be made from the budget for next year.Hardly the fault of SDC or the Youth Club. I have now informed the Treasurer of the facts to enable them to get possible funds in the future.

The above facts speak for themselves SDC are far from 'despicable' but a caring body of people of which I thought Cllr Fowles was one.

I might remind you that I am not a parish councillor, something I was lead to believe was a formallity on becoming a Stroud District councillor, Cam Parish Council, in their wisdom,decided to vote intwo other candidatesone of whomwill be absent from meetings for much of the year. Having said that I totally respect the democratic process that took place.

Cllr Brian Tipper Stroud district councillor Cam