IN RESPONSE to concerns raised with regards to the safety fence at Barratt's Bath Court development in E.M Forsythe's letter to the editor on November 29.

Barratt Bristol is committed to the safety of Thornbury residents surrounding its Bath Court development. We have worked in conjunction with the Highways Agency to ensure all requirements regarding the security fence on this site have been met and the fence, as it stands, has full permission.

Security fences are erected to protect the public from the construction site and to deter intruders. Building sites are potentially unsafe places for children, which is also why fences are strictly in use. The plastic shuttering is used, not prevent anyone looking in, but to ensure that any potential dust or small debris is contained within the site. The fence will remain erected, in line with health and safety regulations, whilst construction is in progress and we apologise for any convenience caused to residents during this time.

Barry Wood, Managing Director of Barratt Bristol Bex Stonebridge PR Account Executive