The Managing Director of Barratt Homes, Mr Barry Wood seems to have missed the point of my letter (letters December 13).

He assures us that he has cooperated fully with the Highways Agency to ensure that all aspects regarding his security shuttering have protected his site from us, the public.

My point was simply that Barratt Homes' plastic sheeting (shuttering) on their security fence created a dangerous, blind junction for vehicles and pedestrians wishing to exit the one way system from the Turnberries.

The very day that my original letter appeared in The Gazette, the shuttering was moved back by 1.5 metres from the pavement edge. Was this a coincidence? Or did the Site Manager read your newspaper and realise that Barratt Homes had made a potentially fatal mistake?

So we now presumably have to blame the Highways Agency for the almost blind corner at the junction of Upper Bath Road and Rock Street.

Mr Wood would do well to visit the site himself and watch as his workmen drive their dump trucks and heavy vehicles against the one way system down to their other site at Bath Road. I can only imagine that they use this route as it is still too dangerous for their drivers to use the right turn at the top of Upper Bath Road and Rock Street.

E M Forsythe, Jubilee Drive, Thornbury