This week the Gazette covered the mysterious story of the Slimbridge Shed.

What was initially most remarkable about the shed was the question of where it had come from but over time this changed.

What became more interesting as the story developed was people’s reaction.

If Slimbridge roundabout forms part of your daily commute or you happened to pass it at some point last week it is likely you would have seen groups of people gathered around the little structure.

Braver members of the community dodged traffic to get a closer peep at the shed, snapped photographs and talked about it.

Stories posted on the Gazette’s website and via our Facebook page were repeatedly shared, liked and commented on.

After only a brief period this strange wooden phenomenon had become a major talking point, even making its way past regional news and becoming national. The Slimbridge shed made it onto The Telegraph’s website.

When the news came that the county and district councils planned to remove the shed there was uproar.

A mass of people began posting “save our shed” on social media websites.

And then, as mysteriously as it had arrived, it disappeared.

Where did it come from? Where did it go?

Despite its all too brief appearance in our lives, the Slimbridge shed touched all of our hearts.