A STORYTELLER from Milbury Heath has kicked up a storm in the world of children’s fiction by seeing not just one but four of her novels snapped up at once by one of the largest independent publishers in the country.

Katy Edwards, 50, a former television scriptwriter in her native South Africa, certainly does not do things by half.

The author’s first novel Blue Dust: Forbidden, written under the nom de plume Katy Krump, will be published this month and launched at the Mall's Waterstone branch before being introduced to Thornbury's sci-fi savvy youth at a special signing at the town bookshop.

And the whirlwind of signings, launches, and general hectic schedule is only the beginning for Ms Edwards. Editor Neil Trigger of Ghostly Publishing, based in Plymouth, has also secured the trilogy’s next two tomes and is keen to see them released as soon as possible to keep momentum going.

A further book Strata, a working title at this stage, is also due to be published next year.

After reading the first three chapters of Blue Dust: Forbidden, the editor knew instinctively he had stumbled upon the real thing. He contacted Ms Edwards and in fact "pursued" the talented writer for more than two months to convince her to sign with his company.

Ms Edwards, who moved to Milbury Heath 12 years ago, described the moment it finally dawned on her, after discussing contracts with Mr Trigger over the phone, she was about to become a bonafide published author.

"I remember leaping up and running across the yard to tell my landlady," she said. "I was thinking ‘Is this really happening?" I was beside myself. It happened so fast. He was adamant that I should sign with him. He pursued me for two-and-a-half months."

The Blue Dust trilogy is based on her experience as an immigrant faced with the challenges of adapting to an "alien" culture.

"It came from myself being an alien," she told the Gazette. "Emigrating was very hard. I started writing a blog about living on a different planet because this is what it felt like."

From then, the idea grew and morphed into the story of Qea and eventually made the bulk of the Blue Dust saga.

Ms Edwards, originally from Pretoria, is currently working on the series' second instalment Blue Dust: Destiny.

The book signing at Thornbury Bookshop will take place on Saturday, December 8.