FASHION-forward philanthropists are inviting everyone in and around Thornbury to join the fundraising band-ana wagon next month.

Members of Hammer Out have teamed up with The Brain Tumour Charity, which funds scientific and clinical research, to launch a new awareness day on Friday, March 1, "Bandanas for Brain Tumours".

As part of the event, locals are being encouraged to don a bandana of their own and donate £1 to Hammer Out or buy and wear one of the charity’s bespoke £3-headbands.

If the appeal is successful, the organisations are hoping to make the awareness day a permanent fixture in their respective calendars. Hammer Out chief executive Tina Mitchell Skinner, from Alveston, founded the charity ten years ago, after losing her husband John to brain tumour.

"The number of people affected by a brain tumour—both patients themselves and their families and friends—is sadly ever growing," she said. "We are hoping that through Bandanas for Brain Tumours Day we can raise awareness of how lives change overnight due to diagnosis and raise money to support families with local support groups and information.

"We would ask everyone who can to support us."

Bandanas can be ordered on or on 01454 414355.