SAFETY on the road is always a big concern, especially with the ever increasing number of people driving on them.

But when you are faced with a situation where your loved ones are being put at risk, it is hardly surprising if you decided never to get behind the wheel again.

Even if roads are supposedly safer, with better protected cars and practices like speed monitoring in place, events still happen, and if your small car goes toe-to-toe with a large lorry, there will only be one outcome.

So while Barbara Blair-Galligan and her daughter Aaliyah narrowly escaped with their lives following their near-miss with the lorry in Tortworth, the next person put in their situation might not be quite so fortunate.

The question then is how can we stop this happening again, or at the very least, delay the next time by as long as possible?

Do we introduce more speed cameras? Remap the roads? Or educate learners and offenders to be more considerate drivers?

Either way, something does need to be done. Even if the numbers are low any numbers at all mean more can be done.