LOOKING back on some of the stories the Gazette has reported through the years...

March 1997

MOTORBIKE users in Gloucestershire were urged by police to be extra vigilant to secure their vehicles. 

Criminals at the time were looking for easy pickings, according to a police spokesman.

They said: “The Cotswolds is a great place to go riding. When riders are out and about they should try to park in a designated Secure Bike Area or somewhere well-lit with regular pedestrian usage.”

The police advised riders to keep the acronym TACAL in mind, which stands for Tag it, Alarm it, Cover it, Anchor it, Lock it. 

OLYMPIC swimmer Suki Brownsdon visited Rednock School in Dursley to help raise funds for the British Olympic Team.

Pupils were asked to undertake sponsored exercises in the sports hall to raise money.

March 2007

TEENAGE pregnancies in South Gloucestershire were on the up despite initiatives to try to curb the number.

Figures showed that 41.1 in every thousand 15-17-year-old girls in South Gloucestershire were becoming pregnant, up from 36 in every thousand in 2005.

Joy Fussell, who worked with people during crisis and unexpected pregnancies, spoke of ways to address the problem.

She said: “We would advise that young girls seek contraception rather than have unprotected sex.”

Matthes Rees, a spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council, said that they were going to try to reduce the figures by 40 per cent by 2010.

POLICE advised residents in Frampton Cotterell to be wary of bogus callers.

The warning came after an elderly couple had £150 stolen from them on Tuesday, March 20, 2007.

PC Mark Godsland, crime reduction officer for the Cotswolds, said: “It is extremely important that people remember to never let any strangers in their house unless they are satisfied that they are genuine callers.”