AS MANY as 10 vans near a construction site in Thornbury may have been attacked in broad daylight earlier this week, police believe.

Two reports have been made to police after vehicles parked near the Whitebridge Gardens site, being developed by Newland Homes, were broken into on Tuesday, while their owners worked nearby.

But while only two people have come forward, they have suggested that more vans were also targeted, with a range of power tools and other items believed to have been stolen.

Police have told the Gazette that a suspected offender was chased by the workmen from the scene, escaping in a grey van.

Thornbury PCSO Sheryl Drewitt said that the incident was being investigated, and asked for anyone else who might have been affected to report it as soon as they can.

She added: “Some people have reported the licence plate of the vehicle they saw, but it appears to be incorrect.

“We are reminding everyone that if they see anything suspicious to contact us straight away.

“It is extremely important to make sure you get the registration of any getaway vehicles, even more so than the make and model.”

Anyone who might be able to help with the investigation is asked to call 101 immediately.