WITH the 2017 snap election resulting in a hung parliament and no overall majority for the Conservatives, how will Gloucestershire businesses fare as the country enters a period of political uncertainty?

Ian Mean, director for Gloucestershire, Business West, has weighed in with his thoughts, and says that some businesses may see significant losses in the coming months. 

He spoke to the Gazette in the immediate aftermath of the election, and highlighted Brexit as being a key area of the concern.

"When you think that Theresa May had committed us to start the initial Brexit talks imminently, the political earthquake that has now erupted puts a big question mark over the whole Brexit negotiation," he said.

"Will the opening Brexit talks actually go ahead on Theresa May’s timetable?"

A recent survey by Bristol West revealed that members are frustrated with the lack of information provided with regards to the ongoing Brexit process.

And according to Mr Mean, they will be "even more annoyed" now that Theresa May's credibility has been "shattered" by the General Election result.

"How can she retain any credibility with the EU, having had her wish for a stronger mandate for Brexit well and truly torpedoed?" Mr Mean commented.

"For many companies in Gloucestershire where the strength of the pound is a big issue to make them more competitive, the lack of urgency created by a hung parliament could well affect their profitability for quite a period."

Mr Mean added that business was largely "ignored" during the election campaign, and called on the government to change their stance.

"Whoever now leads the country has to understand that the whole Brexit process will not be successful unless companies are regarded as important passengers on the journey," he said.

"They must not be left standing on the platform."