IT was sixty years ago when Mrs Dorothy Williams of Almondsbury, and Mrs Alice Gulliver of Thornbury wrote letters to a number of ladies in the area who were interested in Flowers and Gardening.

They invited them to a meeting at the Church Institute in St. Mary’s Street Thornbury with the idea of forming a Flower Club.

This proved to be a great success.

With the help of two ladies from the Dursley flower club, which had started a couple of years previously, and their guide-lines the Severn Vale Club Constitution was drawn up.

On Wednesday, June 21, on one of the warmest days of the year, some of our members and visitors celebrated our 60th anniversary with afternoon tea at Eastwood Park.

Sally Taylor, our chairman, gave an excellent floral demonstration with displays depicting the period from 60 years ago to the present day.

For Sally’s first arrangement she chose a variety of roses arranged in a suitable green glazed vase. This display was based on a Constance Spry arrangement.

Constance Spry was a famous flower arranger of the past and in those days flower arrangers usually wore a hat and gloves whilst demonstrating.

Sally’s other displays all depicted different periods.

A small triangle which contained a selection of fresh flowers and foliage.

A modern arrangement using only three Gerberas and medalino sticks.

In another display, she used a metal grid for her mechanics decorated with a bling sash to which she incorporated Anthuriums and Carla lilies.

Apparel was her last arrangement which contained a collection of lovely colourful flowers and different greenery.

Jane our president thanked Sally for an excellent and enjoyable afternoon and the committee for arranging the cream tea.

As well as the demonstration Sally made the table arrangements which all contained a silver ball.

These were then raffled along with the displays. Sally is very busy working and demonstrating at other clubs.

And the committee and members greatly appreciate all that she does.

Our next celebration is our members’ day with entertainment and the Kay Evans competitions.

This will be held in the Armstrong Hall Thornbury on Wednesday, July 19 from 12pm.

Hopefully members will participate in the competitions.