SOUTH Gloucestershire Council have said they are working to move a group of travellers who have moved onto land in Alveston.

Five caravans arrived around 8.40pm last night, settling on the green in Down Road.

The site has been a popular target for groups of travellers over the years, with many residents having called for defences to be installed to prevent vehicular access.

But it has been estimated that to install a barrier and bollards, or rocks, around the perimeter could cost the taxpayer around £135,000, as the site is owned by South Gloucestershire Council.

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said that they are aware of the illegal encampment and are organising the necessary welfare checks and arrangements have been made for waste removal.

He added: “We are currently liaising with the police to negotiate with the families to leave the sites as soon as possible, in line with our established procedures.”

In previous cases where the field had been invaded, clean-ups were required to tackle the mess that had been left behind.

A spokesman for Alveston Parish Council said that they had been made aware of the situation by residents, but advised that it is an issue for South Gloucestershire Council.

Speaking to the Gazette, Alveston residents said that the space is used by many in the area, and the intrusion by the group would mean “unease for all property and dog owners”.

Police have said that while trespassing is a civil matter, they will be monitoring the site and have asked for any incidents of criminal activity or anti-social behaviour to be reported by calling 101.

In the event that an incident is underway at the time of reporting, residents are advised to call 999.