FUNDRAISING is a tough job when there is a large amount to be raised, even when it is for a good cause, and this makes the fact that Ezzy’s Wish to Walk has reached its goal that much more heart-warming.

Having seen the campaign progress from day one, it is great to see how hard a parent would push for their child as Matt and Angela have done for Ezzy.

It is also inspiring to see how the community has taken the cause to heart with so many getting on board with some fantastic events having taken place.

If you have the pleasure to meet the toddler, it won’t take you long to understand why she has won over so many people and will no doubt be inspired to want to help too.

Now that the target has been reached, flights are booked and a date is set for surgery, it is definitely the time for celebration and we at the Gazette hope Ezzy, her family and everyone who has supported them in the last nine months enjoy the ball.

In that time, hopefully they can also reflect on the incredible mountain they have collectively been able to conquer.