MAKE sure you aren’t getting caught out in a parking space for too long in Thornbury as many have by traffic wardens today.

In recent years, it has been uncommon to see a traffic warden patrolling in the town, but have been spotted more and more over recent weeks, with many on Thornbury High Street receiving tickets for outstaying their allowed time today.

Many streets in the town, including the High Street, are one hour stay spaces, with no return after two hours.

And limits are imposed on St Mary Street car park and the short stay car park sections of Castle Court and Rock Street.

A South Gloucestershire Council spokeswoman said: “We have been continuing to enforce parking restrictions along the High Street as well council maintained car parks and where vehicles are parked illegally we will issue fixed penalty notices.

“We would ask that people take a common sense approach to parking legally by observing the notices which are displayed in the town centre.

“Thornbury has a number of free car parks which are available to use with a mix of short stay and long stay parking spaces to accommodate shoppers, visitors and people who work in the town. Off street parking is also available in several locations.”